zai spada. the ski with a granite core and a surface made from cellulose acetate. efficiency, robustness and simple beauty characterize the ski. its true power becomes evident, particularly on hard slopes. just click on one of the pictures to get further information.
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zai franco wurde speziell für den ehemaligen Schweizer Weltcup-Skirennfahrer Franco Cavegn entwickelt. Verschiedene hochwertige Materialien und die einzigartige Konstruktion sorgen für hervorragende Fahreigenschaften. Der Ski ist kraftvoll, wendig und extrem schnell. Genauso wie der Sportler, der die Inspiration dafür lieferte.
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the zai ski collection offers a tailor-made ski for every adventure: racing, touring, freeride, powder. perfection on or off piste.

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experience the zai ski collection! just click on the ski modell you're interested in to get further information or visit our homepage:
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zai is a leader in the use of new and revolutionary materials. cut a zai ski and you will find as different and exotic materials as granite, cedar wood, vulcanized rubber, felt, or flax. zai combines those in an innovative way and achieves such a level in terms of quality, use and durability, which is far higher than the properties of a conventional ski.
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happy new year - we wish you and your loved ones peace, health and happiness!
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Wir l(i)eben Skifahren, und du?
Entdecke die Geschichte hinter jedem zai Modell in unserer Ski-Kollektion!

[Modelle: testa, scadin, spada, onza, franco, laisa]
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zai spada is the worldwide only ski with a core made from stone. the mountain in the ski - this idea is incorporated in the zai spada!
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highest quality. perfection. reduction to the essentials. that's why zai has such an unparalleled aura. enjoy your winter - with zai.
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impressions from the zai winter opening... wonderful snow, great atmosphere, fun and sun!
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zai does not only stand for the world's finest skis. there is much more to discover!
be ready for our advent sweepstakes, which start on sunday. maybe you can win a product shown on this 360 degree picture!
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zai winter opening in Laax!
» 9:00 - come together at Meini Sport & Mode. all zai ski models are at your disposal and our team will be there to assist you!
» 11:30-13:00 - individual lunch
» 15:30 - end of event
you can register for the zai winter opening directly at
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we wish you a nice advent season. enjoy the time with your loved ones! you can also look forward to the upcoming advent Sundays where we will be giving away great zai products!
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zai goes Pinterest! are you following us there? it's worth it. have a look:
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experience the zai ski collection and browse through the models franco, laisa, onza, scadin, spada and testa. for more details click here:
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zai focuses on the reduction to the essentials. this results in products with an unparalleled aura and simple aesthetic, and offers a unique skiing experience: easier, more joyful, with more perfection!
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young visitors in the factory. Gianna spent her career day at zai and helped to build a laisa! at the ski races in the regional squad, Gianna is always at the front of the pack! Luca is currently doing an apprenticeship as a Polymech at ABB and has built his ski "lupo bianco" with us for a project work. good luck, young zai!
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we proudly present selected partners from Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and the U.S. where zai skis and accessories can be bought!
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this weekend the international design fair "Blickfang" took place in Zurich at which we presented the current ski and clothing collection. of course we want to share some impressions of this great event with you!
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the classic among the zai ski convinces with its elegant surface and its hand-made walnut veneer. the differences in the wood grain give testa its individual looks and turn it into something unique!
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last week we introduced our retailers from Switzerland. now we present selected retailers from Austria and France where zai skis and accessories can be bought!
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